Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cop Killer?

As a member of the Black community (and I am a member, I'll show you my card) and a cop's kid, I sometimes find myself emotionally confused with certain issues, and I have no reservations with deciding not to form an opinion. Growing up was cool for me; I grew up around the corner from the projects and next door to the hood, but I had both my parents and I was cared for. I played kickball on the street and had to come in when the street lights came on. I knew people who were involved with things that were less than legal, and yes, I did have a drunk addict of an uncle. Well, maybe even more than one.

But, I am a cop's kid. Not-so-recently, a friend of mine was telling me about a documentary ("SNBN: Snitch Nigga, Bitch Nigga") that talks about snitching and the Black community. He then called into question my street credibility and asked me if it was difficult to make Black friends growing up since my pops is "the boys". My answer: anyone who would decide that I would be a liability to them based on my parents' occupations probably isn't worth having as a friend. I mean, we probably aren't interested in the same activities if my mother's social work and activism in low income areas and my father's position as an officer of the law (and a very active, card carrying member of the Black community) bothers someone, they may be involved with things that I shouldn't be.

I did go through a radical period in my life where I hated, questioned everything my father did and stood for as an officer of the law. How could he? How could he work for and support a system that has historically fought against Black people? How could he want to defend the justice for some and not all? And then one day, I opened my eyes and thought: he should be applauded. Would I rather potentially racist white cops police low income, predominately Black neigborhoods? Heck no. Pops isn't on the side of whitey, he's on the side of justice. Cut him some slack.The truth is, he probably deals with the same struggle daily. My father and I have had quite the volitile relationship, but we are very much alike. He's a cool dude; has the same struggles with hip hop as I do. Before my pops was an army man and in with the police, he was a disc jockey! I mean, my cop-father is so cool that he raised me listening to Public Enemy and NWA. I know that it has to be a struggle for him; and I sincerely applaud Black officers who can do their job without having to throw on their Uncle Tom suit everyday. It has to be difficult, and that's why my pops exposed me to the good and the bad. Unfortunately, he is also where I get my know-it-all, i'm-gonna-be-right-and-i-just-don't-give-a..what attitude.

I do sympathize with the law, being a cop's kid, a follower of the law, a holder of a BA in Criminal Justice, sometimes having the desire to work for the police; however, I can admittedly sometimes sympathize with Black perpetrators of certain types of crimes.

A Black man in Seattle recently shot and killed some local police officers. He's Black. They're white. What is my initial reaction? I don't know. What were the circumstances of the situation? I don't know anything about him or his situation, or many details about his murdering the officers. Just that the news has labeled this man a cop killer. Was he provoked? What did the officers do? These officers are parents! Would he have popped a Black cop? What if he shot my dad?

I pretty much sided with, I hope the truth comes to light. I hope he gets what he deserves. I wish peace for the officers' families.

This morning, he was "killed" by a cop. My reaction?

I learned more details about the situation and about the killer-turned-killed so that I could have a properly shaped opinion: he raped young women. Has a long history of violence, including but not limited to killing police officers. I'm not an apologist. I'm just wondering the age old question: is it nature or is it nurture? His family helped him evade arrest, even though he has an well documented history of this type of behavior. Was he born a bad seed and then shaped into something more horrible over time? From the surface, on the macro level...why is this happening?

My opinion?

...some things might be better left unsaid. How should I feel? Were the murders avenged? Or was he in need of help that the law was not providing for him, as a Black man in a white-run system? I've seen the good things done by the police but I also know the bad things that have been done. Does that make a difference? What's right in this situation?

I wrote this in hopes of discovering my feelings on the incident...

...but my feelings aren't relevent. What's "right" is...but what, exactly, is that?

Be righteous...

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  1. Interesting.... Thanks for putting that out into the universe.