Monday, February 8, 2010


As a self-identifying feminist and a firm believer in girl power and an "I don't need anyone to do it for me" attitude (I mean, if I wanted to do something, I COULD really do it), I do have multiple sides to who I am: I like to be pretty and can be quite "domestic" at times, but I also have an incredibly low tolerance for genderilazations; I am who I am and it isn't because I am a girl.

I drive a truck, and there's no convoluted gender-based Napoleon complex behind it; I got a deal and I like to ride big. That's it.

Well, once I got my truck not-so-long-ago, I did a little research on the internet and thought that I'd be as informed as I could be about my truck, especially because it was the first vehicle that I purchased for myself!

The very first thing I learned as a kid when the internet got incredibly popular, especially in doing school work, was to use scholarly sources because anybody can post some bullshit on the internet. But, oh, 15 years later, I found some bullshit article/forum online and some schmuck convinced me that my car was equipped to handle this snow. Now, having grown up and lived in the South the majority of my life, I've also never had to use 4 Wheel Drive, so I never thought about it. Until "Snowmaggadeon".

So, after getting beautiful and preparing to break the heck out after over 72 consecutive hours in the house, my uncle came in the house and shook his head. Because apparently, my truck is not equipped with 4 Wheel Drive.

So, I'm still stuck. And going out of my mind.

What is stupidity again?

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