Sunday, February 7, 2010


After recently having a conversation about my hyper-self consciousness in speaking to certain people out of concern for sounding less than intelligent and commenting on Sarah Palin's lack of intelligence in a post regarding her talking slick about our current administration, I stumbled upon a 2003 grade-B documentary called "Stupidity". It was released on The documentary channel in Canada, apparently, and in looking to maintain my sanity while snowed in, I decided to do some mental exercises; after all, the brain is a muscle.

Honestly, it was quite enjoyable. It begs the question of why stupidity is "cool" and qualities like intelligence (not to be confused with education) are viewed as less than desirable. Why are apparent simpletons the most successful? Absolutely something that I constantly consider given my upbringing and current situation.

I learned a lot watching this, and was genuinely amused by the documentary. As a matter of fact, having one of my two minors in Sociology, we discussed the topic in a course on the Sociology of Education. In the beginning of the documentary, people on the street were asked to define "stupidity" and words similar. As with any label, it always blows my mind when people use certain words, ideas, and definitions without knowing what they mean.

Cons: largely, my problem with the documentary was a point made in the beginning using Biblical characters as fact and history, but providing no bridge to our current societal state. Also, much of the movie talked around the point and I was left unsatisfied, like he never really got to what he wanted to say.

However, I absolutely enjoyed the point of the documentary. I think that it is important to illustrate and redefine intelligence as it relates to popularity and power. There was some information thrown in there, especially in the definition thrown in about the origin of the word "dunce" and how, at such an early point in society, the alienation of intelligence began and evolved into a characteristic currently revered as less than popular. Check it out sometime.

Be Righteous.

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