Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep on Dreaming.

I think I'm back at writer's block. All though, I will say that many times, writer's block is not so much my not having words to say or emotions to express as much as it is not knowing how to appropriately vocalize the thoughts. There are some very specific situations running free through my mind, both conscious and voluntary, and it's beginning to frustrate me (and I definitely don't get to that point very easily). Admittedly, a combination of situations have me feeling discouraged, as though I've been slighted by a few different players in my life. Being the person I am, though, I have no desire to express sentiments to anybody but the parties involved if an opportunity ever presents itself. And so, the writer's block is back to run the show.

I love this song. And on vinyl?..That's what love is.

Be Righteous.

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