Monday, April 5, 2010

Rape of 7 Year Old in Jersey

I was discussing this incident with my aunts this weekend, and it's a difficult thing to understand. Where does a fifteen year old even get it in her mind that selling her seven year old sister -- let alone herself -- and allowing several men (who should know better) to do something like this? Why is a twenty year old man at a party with a fifteen year old girl? Very frustrating.

The upside of anger is that the Hip Hop Community is set to become active in raising awareness as a result of this incident. While it may be a little late, it's inspiring. Especially when Black women activists like myself have mixed emotions about our relationship with hip hop.

Be Righteous.


  1. Hey Livication, my first time here at your blog.

    How much you wanna bet the oldest four males and the 15 year old girl turn out to be addicted to crack? While the overwhelming majority of crackheads and meth addicts never sink to these lows, cases I've sen similar to these have that feature.

  2. Hey Kit! We actually had a little discussion toward the end of the segment on education on Freedom Through Speech Radio (Rippa/Max Reddick's Sunday show)! Thanks for commenting.
    I was actually very much thinking the same thing. Especially after the NEWS described the apartment as already crime infested. I'm just trippin' because when I first caught wind of it, the local news said they were investigating up to 27 MEN. 27 MEN?! This poor baby. Yet, fewer were actually arrested and the cap on the age range was 20. The world that we live in. The world that this poor seven year old girl lives in...