Monday, November 16, 2009

MTV's Teen Mom Series

When all the baby shows began popping up, I thought it was strange but just thought it to be one of those things that I'd decide to ignore. There's that one that comes on one of those discovery channels, then "16 and Pregnant" on MTV, and now, all of a sudden, MTV has decided to make an continuation of the latter show, called "Teen Mom".

MTV To Premiere New Reality Show ‘Teen Mom’

September 5, 2009 10:46:43 by Britteny Elrick


MTV has announced a spinoff of it’s popular reality series 16 & Pregnant. Teen Mom will follow four mothers featured on 16 & Pregnant as they continue life during their first year after giving birth. Keep reading for more details…

According to the press release, each Teen Mom episode will combine stories of the four teenage girls featured in 16 & Pregnant’s first season as they navigate through various issues ranging from marriage and financial support to education and employment — all while facing the new responsibility of being a mother and trying to create their own family.

I'm sure that these girls are getting compensation, which is good. They need help, right? I was not a teen mother, thank goodness, but I have several family members who were; including a college dropout younger sister, who was a teen mother to the second power (she is actually still a teenager).

When I saw the commercial for it, I saw young white women.

I don't think teen or accidental single-parenthood is something to be praise. There is a stigma with Black women being single/teen mothers. Yet and still, young white teen mothers are pretty much being sympathized with? It is just interesting to me that the interest of reality tv and the stereotypes continually perpetuated are conflicting. How many shows are there with under-privileged/impoverished young women who are working against the odds to do positive things? Where are the shows that encourage young women against teenage motherhood?

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