Monday, November 30, 2009

Genocide? Gratitude? Gravy? Yes, please.

I recently took a break from writing (yes, at the start of my new blog...d'oh!) due to several reasons: my twenty third birthday, an "extended family" (and not extended-family) vacation, and battling with some personal issues. However, I would like to take a moment to interrupt your tryptophan withdrawal and do a brief spot on Thanksgiving.

I don't really do "holidays". If not for my family, I would have no excuse to have Turkey on "Thanksgiving". I am not religious, and when I have kids onedaydowntheroad, I want them to receive an education that doesn't depict Columbus as a hero, and Thanksgiving as a day where white people and injuns all sat down together and had a wonderful harvest feast. I want my children to know the truth so that they don't have to battle with what they "know" versus what they need to know.

How did we evolve from a culture that embraced genocide at the advancement of the first settlers, to a culture that needs a day set aside to express genuine gratitude? Either way, it's ridiculous.

So..the real meaning of Thanksgiving? Read up:

My favorite poet, Khalil Gibran, once said that Thanksgiving was "to the honor of the murdered that they are not the murderers." It's difficult, though, when you tend to sympathize with the murdered; the original people of this land are among the poorest and often most forgotten about. I guess that's all I neat bow tied at the end of this post. I just want to encourage awareness.

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