Saturday, May 8, 2010

Got an Award, Y'all!

I've been dealing with a minor setback over the course of the last few days; I'm sure it always seems as though I've got some minor set back on but the definition of of "livication" is making a living devotion to causes and a high priority cause for myself is survival. I guess that's life!

At any rate, it is nearly 2am where I am. Typical of this wee hour of the morning is my listening to Al B. Sure! on my ipod (hey, I grew up in the 90s..) and going through my neglected google reader, as I try to (and usually fail at) sleep during the day. Today was a great day for me; I got an "I-love-you" package from my younger cousin in Hawaii, complete with a teddy bear, chocolate covered toffee with macadamias, and squid jerky (yum!). Also, I am now county certified to do basic mediation, and I've done some networking and made some connections throughout the class. I got a lead on a job! Annnd, while at work going through my reader, I read the latest update from Keep It Trill, and I've been awarded a Beautiful Blogger Award! I'm flattered to know that someone understands the words coming out of my mouth!

While I never intended for my blog to become as personal and intimate about my own life as it has, I think that I've poured enough of my personal experiences and characteristics into the posts and I refuse to bore anyone who may be reading with who I am. I'm seriously humbled and it was a pleasant surprise to know that someone thinks enough of my thoughts to include my blog in their daily cipher. Thanks so much for listening to me bitch reading. I'm glad someone is paying attention.

Be Righteous.

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