Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fiction, a free-writing experiment.

"...You see, long before the time we know, the sun was black, and the world was dipped in the darkness provided. And I was there."
The company still at the dinner party, many of them drowning in the dark wine provided by the hosts, my own host, merely laughed their drunken giggles at the concept I was providing them. And I felt the burning inside.
A younger yet graying woman sensed my discomfort. I could smell her sweat across the room, and I gave her a sideways grin. This meant that, the tiniest bit of her believed what I was saying; and though it was completely against the logic that she knew...she knew.
I am not like them.
"I am not like you," I breathed, forcefully to the drunken fools. I felt the inner burning again.
The uncomfortable graying woman shifted and shot her dizzy husband a look of confused terror. My dark skin began to fill with a flushed rose tone, and I needed to stand.
Eddie Porter walked over to be with a glass for water in hand and offered it to me with expressed concern. Eddie was the man that many women in town flocked toward; a city mouse himself, he presented as sly and intelligent. If I were the same species as he, I would readily offer my love to him; yet, knowing that I am not, that I do not love, that I cannot offer a heart that I do not have, I have to remain focused on my goal: these townspeople need to know that there time is narrowing.
"When the sun was black, the earth was at its warmest and my people, the dark people, were birthed from the depths of the soil. Out of the pit of darkness came a species of soot-colored warriors."
Eddie didn't speak. No one spoke. They were at an intersection where their inebriation contained their fear, but their logic spoke to the seriousness of my tone.
"These warriors ruled the world before the sun's transition to the color of its brighter burning."
The burning within me was glowing and the time was nearing. I winced; the heat was moving toward an unbearable sensation. My skin began to sweat.
"You have to listen to me!" I shouted, but really, I was pleading. For their benefit. Honestly, I did not know what to expect past the anticipation of this burning in my abdomen. I had no guidance. Years ago, the dark people left the planet, and left me behind. The humans were our enemies, and I, being half human, could not be trusted. My dark skin mattered not; the lineage of my immortal brethren made me immortal. Yet, the mortal drop of the unknown in my blood confused the very biology of my inner warrior and my nature, too, became a mixed array of emotions and logic as the Return neared. Something was happening. And I had no guidance because I was one-of-a-kind.
It wasn't until I noticed that the looks of unease became horrified that I realized I was screaming in a pitch like a foreign language, and could not stop it.
The burning was visible.
Something was happening. The long and thick rope-braid of my hair became untangled from my dainty up-do and my bush-like hair thickened.
The graying woman began shaking, tears streaming from her face.
The room was silent and I had the floor. They were listening.
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