Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sassy Jazzy Asiatic Queen

It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. Oh, what's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet; so Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, retain that dear perfection to which he owes without that title. Romeo, doff thy name! And for thy name, which is no part of thee, take all myself.
-Julet, "Romeo and Juliet"

As an assignment for my job, I need to come up with a confidential alias under which I will conduct business. I began thinking of names, but something I don't have in common with most people is my adoration of my own name. I honestly don't think another name would ever fit me; me and my name were meant for each other. My first name is poetic and commanding, my middle is melodious. At any rate, I got to thinking: if I had to be called something else, what would it be?

As a classic over-analyzer, I began thinking this through, as though I'm really getting a new name. I came up with quite a few names, though none were my name. I then began texting away to the people close to me, wondering what names they could think up and how I was really perceived.

It's funny; as someone who is so quick to dismiss and run away from most labels, I think that there is a lot of value in a name. Like every other female I've ever met I've thought of names I could name children if such an occasion presented itself.

Many of my close friends came up with similar names, and even many of the same names that I thought of. And a friend of mine, not understanding the question, decided that the most fitting name for me would be Sassy Jazzy Asiatic Queen.

That one put a smile on my face.

Be Righteous.

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