Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts for My Brothers

As much as it pains me to have to discuss this, I really want to have a discussion as respectfully as possible to Black men. I love my brothers. I think that Black men and women should work together. Yet, as a Black woman, I'm tired of battling with men, both Black and white, about the inherited privilege simply based on gender in a historical and sociocultural aspect. The forms of oppression that Black men face are very real,, but to deny that Black men have been recipients of privilege s in and of itself, a sexist attitude.

I've found that there has been difficulty in exploring and admitting to being advantaged in a society where privilege is given to men as a default. It makes me shake when I hear Black men claiming they are the most disadvantaged group of people in the US. I would have to disagree. Again, the disadvantage and oppression of Black men has been very real, but Black men have also had the ability to oppress, and that's where privilege is rooted.

I just would like to share some links, instead of ranting on and looking like I hate men/Black men, when I clearly do not. I love brothers very much, but I also know that in the face of fact, there are situations that have systemically and inherently left Black men at an advantage based on gender. This does not speak to the systematic oppression of Black men by white society; my argument does not invalidate the fact that racism and systemic oppression exists toward Black men. This is about the privileges. My passion is to bring awareness; I just hope that someone is listening. I cannot reiterate enough that my point is not to bash the Black men that love; yet, my research lies in sociology and women's studies, and my own personal interests include Black history and sociology.

So, here are two very wonderful links that I hope will help Black men (and women) think. Understanding does not come over night. This isn't to pit anybody against anyone else.

The Black Male Privileges Checklist - Jewel Woods
Black Male Privilege? - an NPR report

Be Righteous.

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