Thursday, April 8, 2010

With a Captial "R"

I've been avoiding doing another Tiger Woods post, largely because I think that it has all just been blown way out of proportion and, to me, I'm tired of seeing the horse being beaten. I understand that it can't die because, according to some people, that's what happens when you're in a position where people are watching you. I understand that when some people mess up real reaaaaal bad, they want to keep shouting "it was a mistake! I'm a stand-up guy!" I understand that the person typically viewed as "the man" isn't really the man by himself; yet, there are forces behind the man, namely money and more powerful men, that control this man's future.

But for the love of goodness, I think that this has gone on long enough. I'm tired of Tiger apologizing to people that aren't personally affected by his marital misconduct and sexual wrongdoings. This has been going on since November and it's getting (capital R-uh) Ridiculous!

Nike's new ad features Tiger staring at the camera and the voice of Tiger Woods's dead father, Earl Woods, in the background. And while maybe this was one of the more personal things that Tiger had to struggle with in facing himself and his horny irresponsibility "sex addiction", I don't really get it. I mean...seriously?

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