Saturday, February 6, 2010

Attitudes Toward Rape.

One of the more sickening things of my experiences as an activist and self-proclaimed cultural anthropologist, if you will, is examining the attitudes that are prevalent in certain communities and trying to understand why they are the way they are. For instance, for my undergraduate thesis, I wrote about the historical evolution of rape in Black women (by all men, not just intra-racially) in American society from slavery to contemporary times. I also examined the current resources available, and the criticisms of what may be lacking. Aside, I am quite proud of this work because I think that working toward such a cause can, hopefully, yield awareness and enlightenment. I think that the Black community subconsciously recycles poisonous attitudes about many issues, and the main issue that I find myself concerned with is sexual abuse and domestic violence as it relates to any person; self-care is important in dealing with said issue and Black women are traditionally handed an attitude that says "take care of your community" instead of "take care of yourself". I have also found that a contemporary split in this mindset is the fact that Black women are taught so many different things about identity: who are we? Who are we supposed to be? What are we supposed to look like? Is this sexy? How old should we be before we have kids? Is marriage an option? There is a constant identity crisis..and this reinforces negative concepts and victim blaming in the minds of many Black women without thoroughly evaluating why our opinions are as they are.

I know I should not be surprised when visiting (which I do not take seriously by any means; I truly go visit to research the interactions encouraged by online commenters and's a project I've been working on for another book idea I am toying with). At any rate, I am never really surprised at the ignorance and stereotypical slander that is thrown around the site. For example, an article was recently posted about the rape allegations thrown toward NFL's Michael Irvin. Apprently, there is a civil suit in place about a sexual assault that allegedly occured in 2007. People tend to think that the court system works a lot like Law and Order, and it clearly does not happen that quickly -- whether civil or criminal. And often times, criminal charges are not filed for a variety of reasons. Aside, though, some of the comments were intensely disrespectful and it made me wonder...what OTHER ways are there to get the message out about the appropriate measures in dealing with sexual assault? I do understand that not every "victim" claiming to be a "victim" is truthful. However, why not err on the side of caution? There are so many reasons that abuse is not reported, and many of these deal with the victims own guilt/doubt about the attack. Anyway, some comments are as follows:

These celebs better start filming sh*t for vindication later... I don't think he did that crap! Disgruntled whore that's all. Sucks he lost his job

Women nowadays are becoming more scandalous.

Dam shame! That's some real live BS tho. If it happened in 07', why she feel da need 2 come 4ward in 2010? And when will these famous guys quit f-ing their life up 4 a piece of puss that is plottin on yall a*s from da get! stop smashin those triflin ho*s & find a real woman! I don't feel sorry 4 u, or Kobe, or Tyson etc.

This is why I stay away from black men. Sistas you gambling with your life when you stay with black men.


why u wait so long to press charges

she grown, why is she being identified as a jane doe--was she a minor when this supposed to have happened...need more info cuz fred has confused me

Ok so SHE drank too much alcohol to the point of her losing all of her faculties right?..See They need surveillance cameras to prove this one.Becoz if she walked to that room on her own accord with 2 men?...The Prosecution has no case.What ever she does once she gets inside that room is on her...She was a grown woman,1 woman 2 men? do the math!..But If this IS true in ANY sense, Mike should be ashamed of himself...isn't he married,and supposedly a Christian Man?.*shruggz*...He shouldn't even be caught up in no mess like this!..

No proof of wrongdoing & he still loses his job. That's that bullsh*t. Why would a rich man rape a bitch in the wh0re capital of America anyway? Them bunny ranch wh0res are cleaner than most regular chicks. This story reeks of bullsh*t.

BLACK MEN ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY AND REALLY S T U P I D!! When Jane Doe gets identified, and eventually she will, watch her real name be B E C K Y! DUMBASS BLACK GUYS! HA, HA!!

It's ourageous, and sickening. The victim's race wasn't identified, and you know what - that's cool. This is about the overall attitude toward rape/sexual assault accusations. I do what I can, but what else can I do? How else do we reach the people? How do we open the minds of the apparent younger generation?

Be Righteous.

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