Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bill Maher on Haiti

Admittedly, I'm quite critical of any information just handed to me, and that includes anything from the mainstream media to personal interactions. I'm perfectly fine with learning things on my own; I'm up front and ask questions and, very honestly, research after the queston is answered.

That said, I'm glad that Bill Maher decided to make the comment about the information being shoved down our throats about Haiti. I agree with his sentiments; as a matter of fact, just the week after Haiti's first earthquake, I had to school some girls at my job because I was focused on the murdering of the African migrant workers in southern Italy. He doesn't hate Black people because of his desire for a better balance of information reported by the media. I agree that the media decided to take and run with Haiti because it was the closest, most immediate, and easily understood current event (even though just days before Haiti there were reports on the issues in Italy). While I think that it is very, very important to care for Haiti, I also think that having a balance of information is important. I feel absolutely awful about Haiti; it is tragic. I also feel bad about other things, too. The world is a scary place because in the absence of man-made tragedies come natural disasters. I very much wish peace and prosperity to the people of Haiti. I also wish well to the people of other struggling and disaster stricken areas.

Be Righteous.

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