Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Beyonce Post

In my False Dichotomies post, I wasn't intending to "go in" on Beyonce as much as I did the images that Black women artists feel forced to convey as a means to success. In all seriousness, I really like Beyonce/Sasha(?)/Mrs. Carter. I believe that contradiction is a human quality, even when unintended. Heck, I have several conflicting characteristics, and they each make me unique. Beyond Beyonce's money, fashion sense and external beauty, there really is something else to her that comes out when she speaks and performs: passion.

Last night, me and my Sula (who will begin posting here in the very near future..hey girl!) were speaking about passion and agreed that if someone cannot find one thing to be passionate about, what is the point of living? Of course, it's a stronger point in the context of dating and relationships, but all the same, I believe everyone should have, at-the-very-least one thing they are passionate about.

I hear you, Beyonce. My mother influenced a lot of who I am (in the positive and negative) without even realizing it until I make her aware; she absolutely is the fire behind my interest in Black feminism/Womanism, even if her passionate doesn't go as deeply as mine. I think it's a beautiful thing.

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