Friday, March 5, 2010

She's Just Not That Into You...

Happy Friday!

So far, however, in my newest adventures in wonderland, I've met a few guys. Well, more than a few: wherever I go, I get some guy, sensing I'm not originally from the area, looking to give me their number. Having been kind-of seeing someone for a little while though (and guessing the depth of our relationship all the while), I haven't called any of them. All though, even if I wasn't involved-ish, I'd likely not call any of the competing contenders, for the following reasons:

Guy at grocery store: you can't follow me around the specialty market that I drive twenty minutes to and follow me around attempting to get personal information from me. I don't care if you choose to share information about you and your ex-wife, or not wanting to live in the area that I currently live in because of your disdain for Black people. I'm not calling you because I've only met you twice and you've come on way too strong. Waaaaaaay too strong. Now I have to find a new location to go to.

Guy who repaired my computer: you kept asking awkward questions about who I am, and every time I tried to ignore you (taking phone calls in another room, turning the TV up) you just kept trying. While you did a heck of a job on my computer, you told me it would take two hours. You stayed an extra three just trying to talk to me...and I needed my computer to handle business.

Guy at gas station: you were really cute. I walked to my car, you honked the horn and I got in my car...and you walked up and said "Oh, I'm not gonna hold you up, you can just take my number." Charming. I must confess, I considered calling you. Okay, I did...and didn't get an answer. I wasn't sweating it since it was two days after I moved; but since my call wasn't returned I won't call back.

Guy at 7/11: every time I walk in, you ask if I'm seeing someone. And every time I say yes. To which you reply "well, just stop seeing him." Uhh..that's respectful..

Guy on train: You started the conversation with "I didn't want to interrupt you, since you were listening to music..." Well then, why are you interrupting me while I'm trying to listen to music?

Guy #2 on train: "Damn you're sexy." You look like you're twelve, and you're drunk. Please stop looking at me, it's making me uncomfortable.

Guy I talked to last night: I asked what you did for a living. You said "I'm a mack." Uhh..insert nervous laughter. You said, "you're laughing, I'm serious; I can put you to work." Please don't talk to me again. Ever.

This post might seem jacked up, but it is for sheer amusement, and I'm human. Dating is funny because people have certain standards, and I'm really patient with my own standards. I'm also equally patient while in a relationship (or something like it) and am always willing to compromise. I love myself enough to be firm in knowing what I deserve, though. The person that I've taken a liking to isn't included in this post because I do actually like him.

I'm not one of those girls that gets bitter and swears off relationships. I've opted to be single for a couple of years to strengthen the relationship with myself, and I'm glad I did because I've learned that I can (and am obligated to) fulfill myself in ways that another human being cannot. Still, as alluded to in the previous dating posts, everyone wants love. I met a guy in a club not too long ago and we began corresponding shortly after and he told me that the odds are against me with finding a mate because I bring too much to the table and it's intimidating to men and that was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard. I don't have any gripes with where I am currently; I really can't wait to start working again though.

Be Righteous.


  1. I don't like the grocery store dude, and the guy at the gas station. Any dude who talks shit about the ex-wife off-top is a loser. And, any dude who suggests that you can have HIS number, is a tad bit on the self centered side - I can't believe you called him!

  2. I knowwww. And honestly, if it wasn't for my aunt pushing me to "get out there", I wouldn't have. He was cute, but not cute enough to talk to me like he's a celebrity. I shared information about him with my aunt and I told her he was waaaay too confident and she convinced me that confidence was desirable. I wonder how my uncle snagged