Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

So, today is International Women's Day and I wasn't going to (/still am not) going to do a post on it. I did want to make reference to it, but I feel slightly ashamed having not done a Black History Month post at all like the rest of the Black blogsphere. I did contemplate it, but decided against it because I enjoy, study and make reference to Black history 365 days of the year. That doesn't mean it isn't important and that I should not have. It might seem jacked up and I'm waiting on Black men people to come out of the bushes and tell me what a traitor I am for acknowledging one and not the other. Women's History (March is Women's History Month) is certainly not more important than Black History and I am regretful that I didn't take the time to properly commemorate Black History Month (but if I had more than 28 days to do it, I might have - wink).

At any rate, I wanted to share some two of my favorite songs that relate to Women's History and Black History (to do more than absolve my not making reference to Black History Month).

People who know me, know how I feel about Yoko Ono: I'm absolutely crazy about her.

I saw the following videos when I was younger. My father used to get these VHS tapes in the mail with music videos on them and I played this song over and over and over at the ripe young age of 9-and-a-half. Again, thanks Papa for giving me the fire, regardless of how well we personally get along. (Note: song has two versions - a rap one and an R&B one. I had both, enjoy)

Happy International Women's Day and (belated) Black History Month. Very important to make note in our daily lives.

Be Righteous.

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