Monday, March 8, 2010

Lady Exercises..

Many people don't realize until it is mentioned, but I'm very discerning about the foods that I put into my body. I'm really conscious about that; I don't eat beef or dine on swine (or any mammal/creature that gives live birth/thing that menstruates...shudder). I have my reasons and I stopped eating those things (though I had never been much of a fan) when I was fourteen years old and haven't looked back! I don't really eat/prefer much poultry even though I'm Black, and I love seafood. I do consume organic cow's milk, though I alternate between that and almond milk, and I love goat cheese. Mmm. Some things I very much prefer organic and some things it doesn't really matter to me as long as it doesn't have certain things in it. I try not to consume high fructose corn syrup, despite recent commercials from The Corn Refiners Association attempting to make anti-HFCS folks look ill-informed by stating that it isn't bad for you. None of this makes me better than any one, I just have my preferences. I wish I could say it was to slim down and look like Beyonce (she has a cute body, I can't even front); unfortunately, I've always been somewhat health conscious. And I love myself, I think I'm cute whatever size I am...*Kanye shrug*

Aside, in moving to a new place and knowing I'd be on a budget, I canceled my gym membership before moving and decided that I'd have to compromise with the cutback and do some neighborhood (or nearby track) walks, and some Fit-TV, even though I hate it because of the stupid commercials (and the fact that they show women that I'll likely never look like, I'm not hatin'..I'm just sayin'..). Truth be told, this isn't anything like jumping on the treadmill and blasting my ipod, but I'm trying to like it. I haven't even actually been able to go out much as a result of the snow and cold (and being sick) until last weekend.

So, speaking of stupid commercials, riddle me this: why are the "exercise"(?) products advertised toward women somehow borderline sexual and inappropriate-looking? I mean, what exactly are these products trying to teach women about their body images and what type of exercise we actually need? Wondering what I'm talking about? Let's check out these commercials (that made me laugh hysterically a time or two; the second is significantly funnier than the first in my opinion). Roll 'em!

Now, the Shake Weight apparently has a men's commercial, and it somehow still seems like a gym gang-bang porno inappropriately sexualized to me. Is it just me?

I love how the first video uses an arbitrary age as their strong point ("these women, all over [age] 36"). I do have a theory that they advertisers of the first commercial threw a random man doing the neck exercise(?) in the end to make it seem less gender specific, and that the handjob moving weight exercise(?) added a men's video so that it didn't seem like it was sexualized, and I'm blaming it on The Man.

No, but in all seriousness, note the gender specific advertising: women do it to look fabulous in the latest fashions and men do it to get their "arms ripped, chest pumped, and shoulders sculpted" and to cut down on gym time and using the "heavy, bulky equipment". Of course the second is also geared toward your "typical" straight woman as seen in the beginning, and gym equipment is for men only (which is another reason why women need this product to use at home). Also, I'm not sure if the advertisers realize the contradiction they put in place: for a lady, the Shake Weight will make your arms lean and defined (because the bulky gym equipment are designed to "create bulky muscles" but in the men's video, it's saying that the Shake Weight is comparable said gym equipment. They even have the same snippet in both videos of the guy at the gym.

I personally enjoy the heavy, bulky the gym. I'mjussayin'...

Be Righteous.

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