Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Multiple Blind Sides

I did not see the movie "The Blind Side". I also don't follow football; I don't understand it and I cannot sit still long enough to watch it. As a matter of fact, my grandfather explained to me not long ago that I can't expect to find a boyfriend or husband if I'm not willing to learn football. Aside, despite one of my interns pleading with me to meet Michael Oher (who I didn't know existed until after that movie) and fall in love, and then get her tickets to football games, I try my best to avoid passe bullshit -- and it's hard when it's every where I look.

I had no desire to see the movie, not even after people told me how good it was. Why? Well, we can let Vanessa Williams try to explain it, but she doesn't get too far before Barb Walters gets crunk and, well, pretty shut off at the ideas that she is presenting. Press play!

I understand the desire to see things as they are on the surface (ex, "ohhh, it's a story of closeness between two races"). I am not denying the truth that is in the story. I think that maybe it's touching, even though all I know about it is this: Black kid has a bad Black mother, is homeless or undergoing some major struggle within and without the system, and is rescued by the great white hope. I'm not knocking any of the actors/actresses but I'm not interested in that because how many stories depict healthy Black families, or even positive Black role models uplifting at risk kids? I'm tired of Hollywood making it seem like that's not real. I'm not even saying that isn't depicted, but is it illustrated the majority or heck even half of the time?

I wish I could be closed off enough to just see things on the surface without looking deeper and analyzing things more than a lot of people. Sadly, blogworld, this monkey on my back doesn't just affect my level of amusement in movies, it spreads every where. Unfortunately, white people Barbara Walters may wish to get to a level of understanding where we don't "see" racial differences, but I think those differences should be acknowledged.

Can I post the same video twice in the same month? Sure I can. Here are the reasons why...

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