Thursday, March 25, 2010

...then YOU must write it.

Sunday, I set out to the bookstore to pretend interested in applying to work, all though I was most excited about checking out new reads; I know this seems like backward logic for the passive aggressive, who tend to masquerade as shoppers and then seek the job, but those things where words are stored, books, are among the most wonderful objects the world takes for granted.

When I arrived, I noticed a lady promoting her book and I scooted past her, marching onward to the sociology selection. After browsing through cultural studies, I literally stopped at every single section to see if anything tickled my fancy and then, in another backward notion, hit the bargain books. After grabbing too many items for my quick-shrinking budget, I put some things back, settled on one bargain book - mainly for my collection - paid and stopped at the author's table to speak with her.

She was fairly young, and I will say that part of the reason for my stopping was because her purse caught my eye. We talked.

I asked her about her book; whether it was her first or not. What it was about, what inspired her to write. About her publishing company, which immediately gave away my ulterior motive as a writer. We talked about my book.

I told her the premise for the book that I have written and yet to publish, and how my thought process did a reverse-and-back-peddle upon speaking to other (published) authors and publishers. I am a very determined individual, and it is not discouraging to me that no one will read my writing and thoughts; however, it intimidates me that people may read my thoughts, my feelings, my stories whether true or false, and not understand. (Tell me that ain't insecurrre) Given my activism and internet writing (on my blog and commenting on other people's) I know this sounds like a silly insecurity, a worry of the weak, and I have no "but..." that will justify it beyond my writing being my experiences and inner-most feelings.

The author gave me information, immediately facebook-friended me, and introduced me to the book store's manager who knows people like she knows people. I was encouraged by these strangers who don't know me, but my passions and goals in a ten minute talk. And, in the final words of the conversation, they both agreed that they would see to it that I put my work out there.

Toni Morrison said "if there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." I've written it. I've lived it. And maybe, just maybe, I'll share it.

Uplifting. Be Righteous.

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